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Are You Meeting Your Fundraising Goals?

How Nonprofits Can Add New Donors
and Retain Current Ones

Despite these tough economic times, Americans still support organizations and causes that matter to them. So nonprofits that remain focused while adeptly fine-tuning their strategy can emerge stronger and more effective. They need to find ways to add new donors and retain every single one they already have to meet fundraising goals. We all know that the more engaged supporters become with a cause and organization, the more they can be counted on for their continued support.

Nonprofits can increase engagement by making it convenient for their donors to donate online or through a mobile device—providing tools that ignite excitement and commitment to furthering the cause, and empowering donors to connect with others who share their enthusiasm.

Dual channel donors (those who give both offline and online) are the most valuable to nonprofit organizations, so those who offer multiple channels are more likely to survive economic hard times with better retention, higher revenue per donor, higher levels of engagement, etc.

A great start for any nonprofit is to put the building blocks for effective multi-channel fundraising in place:

  • Mobile-optimized  and Web donation pages
  • Personalized landing pages (also known as PURLs) for campaigns, event registrations, and updating contact and interest information
  • Social-media sharing
  • Video for greater impact

Utilizing PURLs instead of organization websites enables donors to be more informed and have faster access to pertinent details. PURLs provide an opportunity for engagement that is unmatched by organization websites, which have EVERYTHING, i.e., one can get lost.

Consider landing pages specific to campaign needs and even more specific to individual donors!  Give them everything need to know, laid out nicely for them on Web pages, with clear instructions on not only what they should do but how their involvement and contributions to the organization make a difference.  With the added bonus of survey questions or the ability to update contact information,

PURLs open up a dialogue between the organization and donor, increasing data intelligence as well as engagement.

The impact of video in Web landing pages or sent out as links in eCards is unparalleled for resonating with donors. Video in communications is amazing, especially how it can get in touch with a donor’s personal passion for the cause. One idea is filming donors on WHY they care. Their powerful testimonials are impactful!  Donors can nail an organization’s case for support in a way the organization may never be able to do.

Ninety-five percent of donors say it feels good to give. Let them talk about it on camera. They will talk about the WHY — why the cause is so important, why it’s so urgent. Nonprofits can let their DONORS be their best advocates! Of course, putting the donors on camera does something else too: it cultivates them deeply. Paying attention to the donors, touching their hearts, and pulling out a powerful marketing tool and message can give a fundraising program a real boost.

Curtis 1000’s multi-channel solutions support our customers’ online, mobile and social networking needs. For further information on multi-channel engagement strategies for Nonprofits, including Education Institutions, please visit us HERE.

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Case Study: How to Keep Customers Engaged

How are you going to keep your customers engaged?

Are you reaching customers on every channel?

Social, Mobile, Web and Print?

It’s time to take your communications to the next level, beyond the generic approach. Curtis 1000 is here to build multi-channel direct marketing campaigns for you, using combinations of print and eMarketing solutions that engage your target audience and deliver results in every medium:

Mobile, Social, QR, Web, Text, PURLs, Print

Let us construct a creative concept, a personalized one-to-one multi-channel direct marketing campaign, and analysis of campaign results.

Are you ready to take the next step with Multi-Channel Marketing?

Curtis 1000 has developed a number of communication methods that will effectively engage your target audience, as well as continue to follow up until there is a response to your call-to-action.

With state-of-the-art technologies we will provide you with the tools needed to create a customized campaign that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Solutions

• Personalized landing pages
• Web design
• eCards
• Text messaging
• Social share
• 2D barcodes
• Digital flip books
• Personalized, 1:1 direct mail & integrated print
• Custom programming
• Creative solutions & marketing strategy
• Data services & modeling

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

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Girl Scouts take multi-channel approach to communications

Multi-Channel Campaign Helps Nonprofit
Organization Collect Data for Promotions


The Girl Scouts of North East Ohio serves nearly 40,000 girls in grades K-12 and 14,000 adult members in 18 Ohio counties. The organization wanted to collect as much data as possible about the young, active Girl Scouts and adult volunteers in their district to best plan events, camps, and activities—and the communications to promote them. Information they were seeking from the scouts and volunteers included updated contact information, email addresses, ethnicity, hobbies/interests, languages spoken, special needs, and the willingness to volunteer. They especially wanted to determine the Hispanic presence in their district and whether any volunteers were bilingual. Secondarily, they wanted to promote their new camp guide and Operation Sweet Support.


Curtis 1000 helped design and implement
a two-component campaign to the
district’s girl scouts and adult volunteers,
consisting of an initial drop of 26,138
postcards with a personalized website.
Each postcard encouraged the recipient,
with an offer of a free tote, to visit their
personalized website to update their contact information and to give feedback. On their website, each recipient first saw a welcome page with a letter from the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio thanking them for visiting and expressing the survey objectives. The scout and adult volunteer in the household then proceeded to the survey. Each family member was able to complete an individual survey using the one personalized website address. After completing the survey, recipients were taken to the thank-you page, where they had the options of downloading the new camp guide and donating to Operation Sweet Support. All responses to the survey could be associated by name and family.


This campaign spanned three months and netted a great response: 2,659 people visited their personalized website (10% response) and 3,935 individuals completed the survey (15% completion rate). The completed survey rate is higher that the visit rate because multiple family members could each complete their own survey at the household website. Further analysis showed that, of the surveys completed, 44.3% were from adults and 55.7% from girls age 19 and younger. Another discovery was that 55.7% of respondents preferred email as the communication method, which could save the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio mailing costs in the future.

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If you use a generic, one-media approach to direct marketing …

Are your marketing campaigns delivering results?

To maximize ROI today, your needs demand state-of-the-art, one-to-one direct marketing services to effectively engage your target audiences and keep your brand top of mind.

Multi-Channel: What grabs each individual’s attention?

Limiting your communication to a generic, one-media approach can leave your target audience feeling uninterested and not engaged, hindering response rates and results. Curtis 1000 combines individually tailored print and electronic marketing, utilizing different communication methods to effectively engage your target—continuing to follow up until they complete the call to action. Our method allows you to track results throughout the campaign and analyze the best approach to achieve your desired results.

Curtis 1000 gives you the edge by bringing together the best of data segmentation techniques applied through state-of-the-art technologies like personalized 1:1 direct mail and integrated print, Personalized Landing Pages (PURLs), 2D barcodes, CreatiFont, eCards, social media, SMS (mobile/text messaging), Web design and much more to create new campaigns or enhance traditional email or print methods.

How can we help your organization? 

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Customized Solution Unifies Decentralized Dealer Network

Toolkit enables promotion and cross-selling


A manufacturer of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and all-terrain utility vehicles has turned again to their trusted partner of over a decade, Curtis 1000, for help replacing their fractured, decentralized program with a centralized, branded and structured process. 

The client identified certain
components of their extensive
line for sales growth: parts,
oil, garments, accessories
and services. Eighty
percent of these are sold at
the point of vehicle purchase
by a network of 1500 dealers
who sell multiple brands in
addition to the client’s. Curtis
is tasked with helping the client develop its Dealer to Consumer Direct Marketing Program and the eMarketing solution to support it.


Using its Response Element™ platform, Curtis 1000 is customizing this Web-based tool to meet the client’s
requirements for a co-op program that
empowers dealers and protects the
client’s brand. In an ongoing effort
Curtis and the client will develop
marketing messages that dealers can
access and order, control the timing
of, and distribute to their consumers
through a multi-channel approach.
This toolkit enables the dealers to
professionally promote and cross-sell
the client’s products and services to consumers while ensuring brand integrity.

Features Include:

  • Co-branding of client and dealer
  • Predesigned messages and templates
  • Personalization and customization on products, services, pricing, and timing
  • Targeting of message enabling dealer to pinpoint consumer needs and answer with specific messages
  • Multi-Channel delivery options including email, postcards, SMS messages, letters, memos or brochures
  • Training for dealers through a demo site and in person at the dealer conference
  • Client’s marketing co-op fund reimbursing the dealer 75% of expenses incurred using the new system


The client now supports their dealer network by centralizing marketing with a structured process that allows for the dealer’s variable information while protecting the overall brand and messaging. By sharing the cost of marketing, the client is focusing the dealers on lucrative products—parts, oil, garments, accessories and services—thus growing sales for the client and their network of 1500 dealers.

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Increase Convention, Conference and Trade Show Traffic

Multi-Channel Campaign Brings

Double-Digit Results for


The American Traffic Safety
Services Association (ATSSA)
is an international trade
association representing more
than 1,600 member companies
and  individuals in the traffic control and roadway safety industry. Each year, ATSSA hosts a Convention & Traffic Expo for its members, public officials, and friends of the industry. The 40th anniversary of the event would take place in San Antonio, Texas. ATSSA wanted to build excitement and awareness to increase pre-show registrations.


Curtis 1000 created and implemented a multi-touch campaign to ATSSA’s house
database of members, public
officials, and friends. Throughout
all of the touch points,
Curtis 1000 managed ATSSA’s
database and removed records
from future contact points as
recipients registered for the show.


The email campaigns deployed
for ATSSA’s 2010 Convention
& Traffic

Expo drove very strong open

  • Save-the-date email with
    video: 25.32% open rate,
    including the follow up email.
  •  Save-the-date PURL: 26.68%
    of the recipients who opened
    the email visited and, of
    those who visited, 21%
    clicked through to the
    thank-you page.
  • Pre-convention brochure email: 17.99% open rate on the first send and 5.99% open rate on the follow-up. Of the recipients who opened the first email, 16.01% clicked to open the eBrochure. The follow-up email brought in another 13.56%.
  • Workshop brochure email:
    34.46% open rate on the
    first send and a 14.61%
    open rate on the follow-up.
    Of those who opened the
    email, 7.01% clicked to the
    PURL; 70.9% of those who
    clicked the PURL link stayed
    through to the thank-you
    page, and 11.5% clicked
    the workshop information
    link on the PURL.
  • When asked about this
    experience, Melanie McKee,
    ATSSA’s Director of
    Meetings and Conventions,
    replied: “This campaign
    reminded me of why ATSSA has a long history with Curtis 1000—great ideas with the data to back them up! We were able to assess the results of each element of the campaign and develop a new plan for the coming year that targets the best of the best.”

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Need a boost for your upcoming trade show?

Multi-Channel Campaign Helps Producers

Hybrids Compete for Trade Show Attendees


Producers Hybrids, a seed company, sells its products in eight Midwestern states. In business since 1987, Producers Hybrids is becoming one of the top 15 seed companies in the U.S. Preparing to exhibit at four farm tradeshows, in different locations, from late July to early September 2010, this client’s goal was to drive farmers who were past customers to their booth, along with prospects, and ultimately engage them to order corn seed from Producers Hybrids. In the process of communicating with their customers and prospects, they also solicited email addresses and cell phone numbers for future communications.


Producers Hybrids utilized Curtis 1000 to increase their trade show traffic and sales by engaging attendees prior to the show through a combination of direct mail and eMarketing efforts. Their data list, compiled by each of their district sales managers, was segmented into prospects and current customers. The first contact piece, self-generated, was a mailing with a Producers Hybrids logoed baseball cap. Curtis 1000 then timed a custom CreatiFont™ postcard mailing with personalized URLs (PURLs) to remind the attendees to visit the Producers Hybrids booth just prior to each show. The front of the postcard used a background image of dirt, specific to the regions, with each recipient’s name spelled out in corn seed. Each mailing was segmented into the two groups: prospects and customers.

The PURLs, which were highlighted on the back of each postcard, drove the recipients to a personalized landing page, welcoming them and promoting Producers Hybrids products through text and an animated glider. In addition, there was a link to sign up for a free Producers Hybrids pocket knife, produced by Curtis 1000. The link took the recipient to a second landing page, where they could register by submitting their contact information and details regarding their farming and seed needs. This led them to a thankyou page with a unique confirmation code, enabling them to pick up their pocket knife at the show, and a link to sign up for free market updates. Also, carried throughout the PURL was a button to “Tell a Friend.”

The postcard mailing and PURL were updated for each show location, changing regional copy, including a customer testimonial, and images to match each show location. In addition, the PURL was set to send a lead trigger email to the sales managers of Producers Hybrids after each recipient completed their information on the PURL.


In the past, with competition from the big tractors and farm equipment, Producers Hybrids had difficulty attracting show attendees. This year, however, Producers Hybrids had great booth traffic and feedback from the attendees on the pre-show communication. The PURL returned a unique visit rate of more than 9% with a 100% completion rate from the 98% of visitors who continued beyond the welcome page.

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