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Are you out in front? Are you sure?

The Edge:
State-of-the-Art Communications

Falling behind your competition in how you communicate
with your target audience can result in loss of market share.
Curtis 1000 gives you the edge by using state-of-the-art
technologies like Personalized Landing Pages, 2D barcodes,
CreatiFont™, eCards, social media and much more to create
new campaigns or enhance traditional email or print methods.
Click here for more information.

Creatifont™ is a trademark of Curtis 1000 Inc.

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Case Study: How to Keep Customers Engaged

How are you going to keep your customers engaged?

Are you reaching customers on every channel?

Social, Mobile, Web and Print?

It’s time to take your communications to the next level, beyond the generic approach. Curtis 1000 is here to build multi-channel direct marketing campaigns for you, using combinations of print and eMarketing solutions that engage your target audience and deliver results in every medium:

Mobile, Social, QR, Web, Text, PURLs, Print

Let us construct a creative concept, a personalized one-to-one multi-channel direct marketing campaign, and analysis of campaign results.

Are you ready to take the next step with Multi-Channel Marketing?

Curtis 1000 has developed a number of communication methods that will effectively engage your target audience, as well as continue to follow up until there is a response to your call-to-action.

With state-of-the-art technologies we will provide you with the tools needed to create a customized campaign that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Solutions

• Personalized landing pages
• Web design
• eCards
• Text messaging
• Social share
• 2D barcodes
• Digital flip books
• Personalized, 1:1 direct mail & integrated print
• Custom programming
• Creative solutions & marketing strategy
• Data services & modeling

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

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Girl Scouts take multi-channel approach to communications

Multi-Channel Campaign Helps Nonprofit
Organization Collect Data for Promotions


The Girl Scouts of North East Ohio serves nearly 40,000 girls in grades K-12 and 14,000 adult members in 18 Ohio counties. The organization wanted to collect as much data as possible about the young, active Girl Scouts and adult volunteers in their district to best plan events, camps, and activities—and the communications to promote them. Information they were seeking from the scouts and volunteers included updated contact information, email addresses, ethnicity, hobbies/interests, languages spoken, special needs, and the willingness to volunteer. They especially wanted to determine the Hispanic presence in their district and whether any volunteers were bilingual. Secondarily, they wanted to promote their new camp guide and Operation Sweet Support.


Curtis 1000 helped design and implement
a two-component campaign to the
district’s girl scouts and adult volunteers,
consisting of an initial drop of 26,138
postcards with a personalized website.
Each postcard encouraged the recipient,
with an offer of a free tote, to visit their
personalized website to update their contact information and to give feedback. On their website, each recipient first saw a welcome page with a letter from the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio thanking them for visiting and expressing the survey objectives. The scout and adult volunteer in the household then proceeded to the survey. Each family member was able to complete an individual survey using the one personalized website address. After completing the survey, recipients were taken to the thank-you page, where they had the options of downloading the new camp guide and donating to Operation Sweet Support. All responses to the survey could be associated by name and family.


This campaign spanned three months and netted a great response: 2,659 people visited their personalized website (10% response) and 3,935 individuals completed the survey (15% completion rate). The completed survey rate is higher that the visit rate because multiple family members could each complete their own survey at the household website. Further analysis showed that, of the surveys completed, 44.3% were from adults and 55.7% from girls age 19 and younger. Another discovery was that 55.7% of respondents preferred email as the communication method, which could save the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio mailing costs in the future.

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Database Key to Engage Growing Target Audience

The Challenge

Iowa State Savings Bank (ISSB) is an employee-owned, full-service bank headquartered in Creston, Iowa, with branches in Corning, Diagonal and Lenox. ISSB enthusiastically serves the personal and business banking needs of south central Iowa.

Their motto is: Be fair. Earn respect. Have fun. Make things better.

An innovative bank, ISSB was looking for a fresh way to stand out in their marketplace. Further, they were seeking to enhance their image by capturing the attention of a wider, tech-savvy customer base while sending their holiday greetings.


With the tech-savvy audience in mind, Curtis 1000 Sales Consultant Scott Edwards recommended the bank send a Holiday eGreeting rather than traditional printed cards. While seeing the time-saving value of the idea and the potential cost savings, ISSB had only 400 email addresses in their database and postponed considering a holiday eCard until the following year. The bank related that it was their goal to convert customers from printed-and-mailed statements to eStatements. This would result in a larger and very accurate database that could be utilized for Holiday eGreetings.

Once the eStatement database was achieved, the ISSB team reviewed all of the Holiday eCards on the Curtis 1000 website and chose “Happy Greetings.” A Discovery Call was held with Scott and the Curtis 1000 eBusiness Project Manager to discuss the subject line, logo, drop date, link to home page and other options. With key decisions made, the Iowa State Savings Bank Holiday eCard was prepared to drop to nearly 1,500 bank customers—a firm step in the direction of engaging their targeted and growing audience who preferred eCommunications.


Five hundred ISSB customers, or 33.7%, opened their eGreeting, and many took the time to email their bank, thanking them for the great Holiday eCard.

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Add the WOW factor to your event or trade show

Do your promotional products have the WOW factor?

As an integral component of an overall marketing plan, promotional items are not only about the product but the unique marketing message they deliver to your
target audience.
Curtis 1000
delivers useful,
appropriate and
items in a timely

Our customers
value our one-
stop approach,
allowing us to personally shop for the perfect item, manage customizable online stores
utilizing our proprietary platforms, warehouse and fulfill daily transactions, as well
as special custom orders and kitting. Our Preferred Vendor Program engages suppliers
who provide the breadth and depth we require to
consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.
Our solution is well positioned with distribution
centers across the country and around the
world, to deliver the best marketing
communications in the most efficient and
cost-effective manner.

In a highly fragmented promotional products industry,
there are few who stand out among the 20,000
registered distributors. Curtis 1000 Promotional
Products Division (CPP) stands out above the rest.
Ranked in the top 2% of industry leaders, we don’t
measure performance by size alone, but by the
service and value we deliver to our customers.

Quickly and easily search our vast database of products for items to:

  • Improve traffic at trade shows
  • Increase safety awareness
  • Thank a customer
  • Motivate staff

Tell us about your out-of-box promotional product ideas.

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Curtis 1000 helps National Baseball Hall of Fame exceed fundraising goal


The Cooperstown, NY-based National
Baseball Hall of Fame (NBHOF) needed
to raise $1.25 million in a capital
campaign to fund “One for the Books,”
a landmark exhibit designed to tell the
stories behind baseball’s most
cherished records. In order to increase
donor engagement they encouraged
donors to make gifts in honor of their
favorite team or player.


Curtis 1000 has been working with the National Baseball Hall of Fame for
over 15 years and, based on a strong track record of previous successful
campaigns, was a natural fit to enhance and run the “One for the Books”
campaign. The program launched in the fall with a traditional direct
mail appeal, followed up by a personalized postcard that featured design
elements from the first mailing. The call to action drove donors to a
personalized URL (PURL) that was populated with copy about their favorite
player or team based on information in the NBHOF database. From their
personal landing page, donors were encouraged to donate in honor of their
favorite Hall of Famer, explore exhibit information, view the top 10 players
honored by donations at that point in the campaign, and share with friends
through social networking tools.

A second postcard to
both donors and
encouraged additional
gifts and increased
constituent engagement.
NBHOF also sent
a number of carefully
timed emails to donors
and non-responders that
shared campaign progress and encouraged additional gifts. The multichannel
campaign included 10 touch points with each constituent,
including traditional direct mail, postcards promoting a PURL and email.
After successfully reaching their fundraising goal, the NBHOF turned to
Curtis 1000 to produce a DVD of the exhibit opening celebration. This was
sent to donors to thank them for their support and continue the high level
of engagement.

Curtis 1000 helped the NBHOF exceed the $1.25 Million goal by 12%, with
over $1.4 million in donations. NBHOF had a 4.92% donation ratio on the
PURL sites — more than twice the industry average conversion rate of
1.73% [according to the Direct Marketing Association 2010 “Response Rate
Trend Report”]. In addition to raising funds, the PURL sites helped to
further engage donors in the project, with 38.46% clicking on the favorite
record holder and 27.97% clicking to learn more about the exhibit. Knowing
which areas of the PURL were of greatest interest to donors can help the
NBHOF with future campaigns. In addition, 99 people, or 3.53%, shared the
information either through Facebook, Twitter or “send to a friend.” The

NBHOF was extremely happy with the results of the successful campaign.


Ken Meifert, Senior Director of
Development at the National Baseball
Hall of Fame and Museum, had this to
say: “We were  extremely pleased with
the multi-channel approach that
Curtis 1000 recommended for our
‘One for the Books’ campaign.
Leveraging their expertise in
multi-channel marketing we
developed a very personalized
approach, using a variety of
marketing channels including direct
mail, email and PURLs. All of these
channels were then implemented so
that they supported and enhanced
each other to achieve outstanding results. This was our first use of PURLs
in a campaign and Curtis 1000 seamlessly took care of all of the details.
Due to the success we had in working with Curtis 1000 we will certainly
be utilizing this solution again on future campaigns. The Curtis 1000 team
is fantastic to work with as they focus on our success by bringing value add
programs to the table that meet our specific needs.”

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University enjoys double-digit response rates

Alumni Relations Multi-Channel Case Study

Xavier University – Cincinnati, OH


Xavier University is a Jesuit, Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a powerful network of more than 60,000 alumni members across the globe. Following a Curtis CampusWise™ workshop, the Annual Funds Coordinator reached out to the local Curtis 1000 Direct Marketing Consultant. After a presentation and discovery meeting, a campaign was created for the Alumni Relations Department to target young alumni to update their contact information and make a soft ask for donations to the annual fund.


Xavier University’s Alumni Relations Department utilized Curtis 1000 to put together a four-part campaign to two young alumni segments: 1-5 years out of school and 6-10 years out of school. The campaign dropped in June and consisted of approximately 8,000 postcards with a PURL and two follow-up email campaigns to non-responders. Xavier University designed all of the pieces, with help from Curtis 1000, and did an outstanding job of capturing a recipient’s attention and appealing to young alumni.

The first piece the target audience received was the postcard with PURL. Upon visiting the PURL, the recipient would first see a short message and be asked to update their contact information. The short message was unique to each segment and addressed their stages of life after graduation. Any contact information currently on file was pre-populated in the fields to make the process faster for the alumni. After updating their contact information, each visitor was taken to a thank-you page with two links: Make a Donation or Visit the Young Alumni Site. Follow-up emails were sent, initiating a spike in visits to the PURL each time.


Xavier University was so happy with the results—a 12% response rate on the PURL, a 13% open rate on the first email, and a 14% open rate on the second email—they have already begun discussions about follow-up campaigns with the updated data received.

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