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Increase Convention, Conference and Trade Show Traffic

Multi-Channel Campaign Brings

Double-Digit Results for


The American Traffic Safety
Services Association (ATSSA)
is an international trade
association representing more
than 1,600 member companies
and  individuals in the traffic control and roadway safety industry. Each year, ATSSA hosts a Convention & Traffic Expo for its members, public officials, and friends of the industry. The 40th anniversary of the event would take place in San Antonio, Texas. ATSSA wanted to build excitement and awareness to increase pre-show registrations.


Curtis 1000 created and implemented a multi-touch campaign to ATSSA’s house
database of members, public
officials, and friends. Throughout
all of the touch points,
Curtis 1000 managed ATSSA’s
database and removed records
from future contact points as
recipients registered for the show.


The email campaigns deployed
for ATSSA’s 2010 Convention
& Traffic

Expo drove very strong open

  • Save-the-date email with
    video: 25.32% open rate,
    including the follow up email.
  •  Save-the-date PURL: 26.68%
    of the recipients who opened
    the email visited and, of
    those who visited, 21%
    clicked through to the
    thank-you page.
  • Pre-convention brochure email: 17.99% open rate on the first send and 5.99% open rate on the follow-up. Of the recipients who opened the first email, 16.01% clicked to open the eBrochure. The follow-up email brought in another 13.56%.
  • Workshop brochure email:
    34.46% open rate on the
    first send and a 14.61%
    open rate on the follow-up.
    Of those who opened the
    email, 7.01% clicked to the
    PURL; 70.9% of those who
    clicked the PURL link stayed
    through to the thank-you
    page, and 11.5% clicked
    the workshop information
    link on the PURL.
  • When asked about this
    experience, Melanie McKee,
    ATSSA’s Director of
    Meetings and Conventions,
    replied: “This campaign
    reminded me of why ATSSA has a long history with Curtis 1000—great ideas with the data to back them up! We were able to assess the results of each element of the campaign and develop a new plan for the coming year that targets the best of the best.”


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Credit Union Gets Great Responses and Wins Merit Award


Westerra Credit Union, formed after the merger of four different credit unions, has over $1 billion in assets and 88,000 members. Membership is open to those who live or work in a three-county area in and around Denver, Colorado, as well as employees, students, graduates, retirees and family of Denver Public Schools, Jeffco Public Schools and Safeway Corporation. Building on the strengths of all four credit unions, Westerra strives to fulfill its motto of “We are Working for You.”


Searching for a way to get time-sensitive information and promotional and event messages into the hands of their members, Westerra Credit Union wanted to test the use of email campaigns.


Curtis 1000 designed and implemented four email campaigns sent to segments of the credit union’s member base.

The first campaign was sent to members who had not yet responded to a direct mail piece requesting members to share stories about the credit union that could be used to help promote its 75th Anniversary. The message was, “Celebrate 75 years with a Caribbean cruise or weekend getaway, ‘I love my credit union’.” The objective was for members to click-through to the Westerra website and enter their stories online. Curtis 1000 designed the email in a template form so Westerra can use it for future email campaigns and to ensure their branding remains consistent.

In the second email campaign, Westerra Credit Union wanted to warn their members quickly about a text message scam. Curtis 1000 used the same look and feel of the first email message, removing the images and some of the extra graphics since it was more of an informational email.

The third and fourth campaigns informed members of a new online banking system coming soon. The third email gave details about what to expect, new enhancements, how to log in and use the bill pay, and contact information if the members experienced any trouble. The fourth email was a short reminder sent out the day before the switch over to the new system


Curtis 1000 used the report dashboard to show Westerra the number of emails that were delivered and how many people clicked through to the site. We were also able to give the credit union any messages that did not get delivered so they could update their system and work with the members to obtain valid email addresses. Westerra had an excellent open rate percent on all of their email campaigns to date – 8.3% campaign one, 25.5% campaign two, 17% campaign three, and 30.1% campaign four. Westerra was also was awarded a Merit Award by the CUNA Marketing and Business Development Council for the “Celebrating Our Members” eMail campaign.

Feedback from the credit union’s Marketing Manager, Lexie Vean: “Curtis 1000 is very unique. Their marketing and technical background has helped Westerra take our e-mail marketing strategy to the next level. They are extremely professional, fun to work with and are flexible to all of our marketing needs. Curtis 1000’s work is thoughtful, professional and has been a perfect fit for our organization.”

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University enjoys double-digit response rates

Alumni Relations Multi-Channel Case Study

Xavier University – Cincinnati, OH


Xavier University is a Jesuit, Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a powerful network of more than 60,000 alumni members across the globe. Following a Curtis CampusWise™ workshop, the Annual Funds Coordinator reached out to the local Curtis 1000 Direct Marketing Consultant. After a presentation and discovery meeting, a campaign was created for the Alumni Relations Department to target young alumni to update their contact information and make a soft ask for donations to the annual fund.


Xavier University’s Alumni Relations Department utilized Curtis 1000 to put together a four-part campaign to two young alumni segments: 1-5 years out of school and 6-10 years out of school. The campaign dropped in June and consisted of approximately 8,000 postcards with a PURL and two follow-up email campaigns to non-responders. Xavier University designed all of the pieces, with help from Curtis 1000, and did an outstanding job of capturing a recipient’s attention and appealing to young alumni.

The first piece the target audience received was the postcard with PURL. Upon visiting the PURL, the recipient would first see a short message and be asked to update their contact information. The short message was unique to each segment and addressed their stages of life after graduation. Any contact information currently on file was pre-populated in the fields to make the process faster for the alumni. After updating their contact information, each visitor was taken to a thank-you page with two links: Make a Donation or Visit the Young Alumni Site. Follow-up emails were sent, initiating a spike in visits to the PURL each time.


Xavier University was so happy with the results—a 12% response rate on the PURL, a 13% open rate on the first email, and a 14% open rate on the second email—they have already begun discussions about follow-up campaigns with the updated data received.

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