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Who Drives Your PROFIT?

Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing…Driven by Profit.

FACT: Financial institutions who do not fully understand what drives their profitability are likely to make decisions detrimental to long-term growth.

Our cost-accounting approach to analyzing your entire profit portfolio will uncover opportunities to improve product selection and pricing. Once these factors are identified, we can then build specific strategies around the most and least profitable customers to maintain and grow your organization.

Profit Driving Software for Banks

Do you know which Products are profitable?

ProfitVue can help you identify overall product profitability as well as incremental profit so you will know exactly how much you will make when you add an additional customer relationship.

Do you know which customers drive your profits?

ProfitVue will help you understand who is making your financial institution the most money and shows you their entire account portfolio with the click of a mouse.

Do you still believe account size determines profitability?

ProfitVue allows you to look into your own general ledger data, determine overall account holder profit levels and easily export this data for use in targeting cross sell or up sell programs.

Identify Profit Drivers and Increase Margins

ProfitVue allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is driving your profit. The loan and deposit pricing tools built in to ProfitVue will allow your organization to do “what if” pricing scenarios prior to making a loan. This will allow your institution to understand if adding a loan or deposit will make an account holder profitable or unprofitable and will also allow you to ensure you are hitting ROA and ROE targets set by management. Gaining this knowledge prior to making loans will help your institution reduce overall risk and help you manage your product portfolio.

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