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Are you out in front? Are you sure?

The Edge:
State-of-the-Art Communications

Falling behind your competition in how you communicate
with your target audience can result in loss of market share.
Curtis 1000 gives you the edge by using state-of-the-art
technologies like Personalized Landing Pages, 2D barcodes,
CreatiFont™, eCards, social media and much more to create
new campaigns or enhance traditional email or print methods.
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Creatifont™ is a trademark of Curtis 1000 Inc.

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Communications Solutions that Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

Looking to drive up PROFITS and reduce COSTS?

Do you need cost-effective print procurement, production, and fulfillment solutions?

CurtisONE is Curtis 1000’s managed service provider approach that optimizes communications solutions that support business growth in conjunction with strategic sourcing goals—all designed to deliver financial benefit.

The CurtisONE solution will help you:
• Drive up profits
• Stay ahead of your competition
• Monitor performance for optimized results.

Along with reducing costs and improving your procurement process, CurtisONE will also pave the way for customer satisfaction.

Let Curtis 1000 save you 10-20% on your print spend.

How does it work?

We will assign a team of Curtis 1000 experts, led by a project manager familiar with your industry, draft a plan including strategy, scope, a communications plan, documentation, reports, success metrics and timelines.

These three components form the framework of CurtisONE:
• Pre-Purchase Communications (how you secure, manage and convert leads)
• Post-Purchase Communications (how you maintain relationships with current customers)
• Print Management (how consistent and optimized your business communications processes are)

Click here for our latest CurtisONE case study.

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Case Study: How to Keep Customers Engaged

How are you going to keep your customers engaged?

Are you reaching customers on every channel?

Social, Mobile, Web and Print?

It’s time to take your communications to the next level, beyond the generic approach. Curtis 1000 is here to build multi-channel direct marketing campaigns for you, using combinations of print and eMarketing solutions that engage your target audience and deliver results in every medium:

Mobile, Social, QR, Web, Text, PURLs, Print

Let us construct a creative concept, a personalized one-to-one multi-channel direct marketing campaign, and analysis of campaign results.

Are you ready to take the next step with Multi-Channel Marketing?

Curtis 1000 has developed a number of communication methods that will effectively engage your target audience, as well as continue to follow up until there is a response to your call-to-action.

With state-of-the-art technologies we will provide you with the tools needed to create a customized campaign that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Solutions

• Personalized landing pages
• Web design
• eCards
• Text messaging
• Social share
• 2D barcodes
• Digital flip books
• Personalized, 1:1 direct mail & integrated print
• Custom programming
• Creative solutions & marketing strategy
• Data services & modeling

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

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The Right Label Partner Can Reduce Print and Process Management Costs


This client is a large producer of polymers and high-performance plastics. As we worked with the Purchasing
Manager on a label application,
he did choose another vendor.
He was impressed, however,
that we had not simply
provided a price on
duplicating the current label.
We had suggested a new
label structure that would
work as well but at a lower
price point.


Several months later, the
Superintendent of Material
Handling at the client’s
warehouse location was experiencing poor performance of his drum labels and asked if the Purchasing Manager knew of any label suppliers who could come in, analyze the situation and provide solutions that would fix the problems. Curtis 1000 was the name that came to mind.

We discovered that the current vendor was often late on shipments. In order not to be caught short, the Superintendent had to shut down his operation and perform a physical drum label inventory—only to find he needed a rush order. The Curtis 1000 team left the meeting with a comprehensive list of issues.


Our solution called for the labels to be run in increments of three-month supplies to be shipped and billed as needed. The issue of inventory would be resolved by implementing a bi-monthly schedule of visits where Curtis 1000 would take the responsibility of handling the physical inventory; there would be no more “stock outs.” We presented samples from related industries that illustrated the quality that could be expected. As a test run, Curtis 1000 would produce a one-month supply of the first label that was needed, let the client run it through their process, and scrutinize for problems. Then, if the client was satisfied, Curtis 1000 would produce, ship and invoice the balance of the run.


Curtis 1000 earned this custom drum label business by delivering a customer-focused business solution that saved the client time and money. The labels run without issue through the client’s equipment, greatly improving downtime, while the inventory ordering system keeps just the right amount of stock on the floor, eliminating expensive rush orders.

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Add Resources and Expertise with a Single Supplier

Are you plagued by the high costs of managing your organization’s print processes, or worse, an inability to see the true costs?

Curtis 1000 can help you take control with consultants that provide objective, third-party analysis, then deliver comprehensive business solutions. We partner with you, providing our print knowledge
and expertise evaluating all aspects of your print processes including obsolete or excess inventory. Our consultants work with you to
reduce or even completely eliminate excessive inventory by leveraging our print-on-demand eSolutions or by allowing us to manage your inventory in one of our regional warehouses. Either solution can lower your operating expenses and working capital requirements.

Adding an experienced partner like Curtis 1000 to your team allows you to focus on core competencies and running your business. We become part of your planning and implementation conversations and work with you to brainstorm, execute ideas, and streamline your operations through our network of family companies, industry resources and proprietary platforms.


CurtisDirect™ is one of our proprietary platforms—a powerful, customer- specific, online print management tool that streamlines the ordering process and empowers you
to manage your printing and fulfillment needs effectively and easily. This platform brings printing efficiencies to your organization with 24/7 secure and easy online order entry, real-time online proofing, email confirmation of orders and comprehensive reporting, including multiple billing options and consolidated statements.

Administrative settings let you maintain control of a unique Web site, customized with your company logo and colors. It gives you the ability to set each user’s ordering capabilities and budgetary spending, assign user cost centers, or utilize an electronic order approval process. Inventory management is easy with detailed reporting and email notifications when action is required. Online reports can simply be viewed online or converted to Excel files.

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Internal processes improved – mess and confusion eliminated


The mission of Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is to provide skill development, work opportunities, and career-building services to people with barriers to employment. They provide assessment, training, and/or referral services to New Mexicans and place them in competitive, community employment.


The Goodwill Operations Manager related problems that her stores were experiencing with their current merchandise labels. The handheld guns they used to print and apply the labels were messy, and the labels they produced after about 200 labels were difficult to read. The employees using the price guns were not happy with the mess and the customers were tired of asking, “Does this say 99 cents or $1.99?” Fifteen current price point labels ($.99, $1.99, $2.99, etc.) were identified as the challenge.


Curtis 1000 determined that the readability issues could be eliminated by moving Goodwill to preprinted labels.  Although Goodwill’s problem would be much improved with preprinted labels—there would be less mess, the labels would be readable and could be applied in half the time—there was another issue. The employees used colored markers each week to track how long merchandise has been in the store, adding a different color stripe to the label for each week it remains unsold. After several weeks, the items are put on clearance—but hand marking each tag was taking too much time. Curtis 1000’s solution: preprinted color-coded labels.


The preprinted blue, red, yellow and pink labels eliminated the need for hand marking and several hours per day were gained by Goodwill Industries. Mess and customer confusion over prices were also eliminated. The Operations Manager commented that Curtis 1000’s consultative approach to their business and extra level of service, inventory options and, above all, our ability to improve their internal processes won the day and the business.

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A Reduction of Costs for Comcast

Reduce Print & Process Management Costs


Comcast is the largest provider of cable services in the nation—and one of the world’s leading communications companies. Known for their innovative programming, Comcast delivers digital services, fast internet, and broadband phone service.


The Comcast Atlanta Consumer Division had just started their “digital migration” program—converting customers from analog signal to digital signal. They were using a series of four mailings to accomplish this communication to their customers, doing each mailing weekly as a standalone. Comcast wanted to save time and money while maintaining consistency in their branding._


Curtis 1000 suggested converting from weekly standalone mailings to a shell program, incorporating offset printed shells and digital overprints for all the variable information changes from mailing to mailing.


The benefits realized for Comcast are as follows:

  1. The shell program maintains consistency in branding
  2. The streamlined process / digital automation saves time
  3. They are saving about 30% in overall costs compared with their previous vendor_

They also have a partner that is flexible, easy to work with, and responds quickly, allowing Comcast to concentrate on their core competencies.

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