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John Feltman Wins Honor Club Top Prize in Curtis 1000 Competition



Congratulations to John Feltman, a resident of Euless, TX, who won first place in Curtis 1000’s 1000 Club for the month of November. A business solutions consultant for the company since 1979, John achieved 212 percent of plan based on overall customer satisfaction, selling to industry/market needs, and providing innovative ideas custom-tailored for each client. John can be reached at





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Elmaro Vineyard Finds One Resource for Labels, Marketing Needs

Client Profile
At Elmaro Vineyard—founded upon an interest in growing
grapes, love of wine and of course, family—the focus is on
producing the best wines possible while providing an
unmatched setting in which to enjoy them. This Wisconsin
vineyard was homesteaded in the 1850s, around the same
time the white pine that appears on each of their wine labels
was planted.

Since the founding of Elmaro Vineyard in 2006, growth has
been steady, resulting from retail sales efforts to 35 accounts.
Early this year, the owners turned their attention to on-site
sales with the grand opening of their tasting room and retail
store located on their charming Wisconsin winery property.

Their wine labels, viewed as a significant opportunity to
market their image, were being purchased from a New York company that had been suggested by an equipment supplier. Concern was expressed with the durability of the labels. They scratched easily, marring the visual impact of their wine’s presentation.

The Curtis 1000 Business Solutions Consultant  explained how he could not only address their label issue, but also help them market their winery to their expanding group of customers.  Conferencing with the Curtis 1000 Label Division to discuss options, he offered a scratch-resistant overall matte varnish to add to the label’s durability. We also highlighted the label’s white pine tree by adding a spot gloss varnish to add dimension and enhance shelf appeal.  On-site testing was completed to confirm compatibility with Elmaro’s labeling equipment.

Elmaro Vineyards is firmly in expansion mode as their
sales continue to grow.  They are busy scheduling events
that include chef-prepared food and wine gatherings,
local artist meet-and-greet events, and traditional tastings.
They are also experiencing the benefits of local support
from Curtis 1000, a full service marketing company that is
well equipped to partner with Elmaro in the careful
selection of items for their retail store such as logoed wine
bags, wine glasses, clothing and more.  Future collaboration
will include discussions around the design and production
of additional marketing tools such as direct mail, brochures
and posters.

Client Feedback
Lynita Docken, Elmaro Vineyard, summed up her
customer experience this way: “Curtis 1000 has gone
above and beyond to improve the roll-type wine labels for use in our mobile bottling line. Throughout the process of improving the labels my Sales Consultant was thoughtful, conscientious and kept a positive ‘can do’ attitude!”

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Satellite Sonic Drive-In teams up with the Curtis Can-Cans

Show your support and go to the Satellite Blvd. Sonic Drive-In a few times during the entire month of August and tell them you want a portion of your bill to go to the Curtis Can-Cans each time!! This will not only help the team raise money for the Atlanta 2Day Walk, but you’ll get some great tasting food while you’re at it.

We appreciate you all,
Your Curtis Can-Cans

Check out the Curtis Can-Cans Team Page here

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Are you out in front? Are you sure?

The Edge:
State-of-the-Art Communications

Falling behind your competition in how you communicate
with your target audience can result in loss of market share.
Curtis 1000 gives you the edge by using state-of-the-art
technologies like Personalized Landing Pages, 2D barcodes,
CreatiFont™, eCards, social media and much more to create
new campaigns or enhance traditional email or print methods.
Click here for more information.

Creatifont™ is a trademark of Curtis 1000 Inc.

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Atlanta 2-Day Walk for Breast Cancer: Support the Curtis Can-Cans!


Check out the Curtis Can-Cans’ team page here

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Who Drives Your PROFIT?

Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing…Driven by Profit.

FACT: Financial institutions who do not fully understand what drives their profitability are likely to make decisions detrimental to long-term growth.

Our cost-accounting approach to analyzing your entire profit portfolio will uncover opportunities to improve product selection and pricing. Once these factors are identified, we can then build specific strategies around the most and least profitable customers to maintain and grow your organization.

Profit Driving Software for Banks

Do you know which Products are profitable?

ProfitVue can help you identify overall product profitability as well as incremental profit so you will know exactly how much you will make when you add an additional customer relationship.

Do you know which customers drive your profits?

ProfitVue will help you understand who is making your financial institution the most money and shows you their entire account portfolio with the click of a mouse.

Do you still believe account size determines profitability?

ProfitVue allows you to look into your own general ledger data, determine overall account holder profit levels and easily export this data for use in targeting cross sell or up sell programs.

Identify Profit Drivers and Increase Margins

ProfitVue allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of what is driving your profit. The loan and deposit pricing tools built in to ProfitVue will allow your organization to do “what if” pricing scenarios prior to making a loan. This will allow your institution to understand if adding a loan or deposit will make an account holder profitable or unprofitable and will also allow you to ensure you are hitting ROA and ROE targets set by management. Gaining this knowledge prior to making loans will help your institution reduce overall risk and help you manage your product portfolio.

Click here to get your ProfitVue Case Study.

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Want To Catch Your Prospect’s Eye?

CreatiFont™ incorporates your direct mail recipient’s name into an image or design, creating immediate interest.

Write each person’s name in clouds or in lightning in the sky – or on a luggage tag or whiteboard – or on a coffee cup or Santa’s list. CreatiFont™ enriches personalization by transforming images into fonts. Use it in all types of communications, including:

  • Prospecting for New Customers, Donors or Members
  • Special Offers
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Event Invitations

And so much more! Our clients increase their trade show traffic and event attendance, enhance their brand awareness, and drive visitors to their websites – just by cleverly combining fonts and images with CreatiFont™ and inserting the names in their databases into designs. Shop for your favorite design among the idea-starters we present here, then ask your Curtis 1000 Business Solutions Consultant how you can use it – or a similar idea – to increase response rates.

CreatiFont™ is a trademark of Curtis 1000 Inc. for its brand of personalization with combinations of fonts and design.

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