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Reduce Inventory and Obsolescence

Promote “Fresh” and “Unique”

Our client is a large, nationwide restaurant chain that owns and operates 85 upscale casual dining establishments across the country. They specialize in fresh fish and seafood with regionally distinct menus that change daily.


This client’s unique approach to building their menus has resulted in considerable logistical problems, given the large number of locations across the country.

Letting each location produce their menu onsite is an expensive process. Our client wanted to find a way to provide unique menus to their locations while maintaining a consistent brand and customer experience. They also wanted to eliminate the costs of maintaining printed inventory at each restaurant. All locations have the ability to imprint their menus on a daily basis, but must use the correct versions, with approved, full-color graphics, as well as special stock made from 100% eucalyptus fiber.


We moved our client to a print-on-demand solution, setting up their versioned menus on a CurtisDirect® online ordering site and giving each location access. This ensures that our client has inventory control, brand consistency, and the all-important cost savings. They no longer have to send each of their 85 locations out to a local printer to get their menu shells printed. Our solution was also perfect for easy, online ordering of additional items, such as stationery, promotional items, and new location kits that contain everything needed for a new restaurant opening.


Our client’s restaurants across the country now realize cost savings through product and price standardization and take advantage of producing items regionally to save on shipping expenses. Their unique approach to daily menus keeps their food selection fresh and exciting, ensuring the frequent return of diners.

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Company Outsources Communications Process to Focus on Growing Business


One of the world’s largest suppliers of OEM-compatible imaging supplies for the office equipment industry needed assistance in analyzing the effectiveness and ROI of its internal print shop. Their goal was to gain a market-based analysis of the print shop and analyze all options including keeping it open, outsourcing a portion, or outsourcing everything.

After Curtis 1000 personnel analyzed the print shop, inventory and finance practices of the company, the final decision was to outsource the entire operation. Curtis provided assistance and execution supporting the company’s decision, including print shop employee transition and the sale of existing printing equipment.


The transition of the in-house print shop into a Curtis print facility was completed in 60 days with no disruption to the dealer network. First-year realized savings were over $300,000. Ongoing analysis, business reviews and recommendations provided significant YOY savings in subsequent years. The company was able to direct the savings and their focus on their core goal of growing market share.

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