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Our 130th Anniversary: May 14 was Founder’s Day at Curtis 1000

A Message to All Curtis 1000 Employees from Steve Geiger:

Our 130th year has begun with a bang.
Can you believe it is already May?

In every location our customer service teams are supporting our business solutions consultants and business development managers, who are out there working for and earning new business in this still-tough economy, while our production, mailing and ebusiness teams are delivering solutions that are designed and customized exclusively for the best customers a company could ask for.  Our new Managed Services solution, CurtisOne, is rolling out nationwide and has gained traction already with several large accounts.

Our 2012 plans are flying along.  Our new technology solutions are gaining momentum with our target audiences throughout our markets, with development of our newest solutions well underway.  We have set a very fast pace in Sales, Marketing, Finance and IT.

In short, we are moving toward our goals for the year and our future— all working together better than ever before in our long history.   And this is really saying something, since Curtis built its reputation in the industry, earned the trust of its customers and became the envy of its competition, through the foundation of dedicated people like you!

I am proud of the team we have become—no less caring and committed than those who came before us and retired happy, knowing they had done a great job for the company, their families, their colleagues and themselves.  We are a part of a very proud tradition of innovation and exemplary service, unique in our consultative approach with our customers, inventing and patenting products that became standards in the industry and are used today, known for collaborating with our customers on their needs and objectives instead of simply selling products to them.

All of these factors, plus the skills and knowledge possessed by all of you, make us who we are:  a company that our founder, Henry Russell Curtis, would be astounded and fascinated to encounter today.  We are an organization that has prospered for 130 years, possibly beyond his wildest dreams back in 1882.

Thank you for offering our customers your very best work every day.


Steve Geiger

P.S.  If you are interested in learning more about the history of Curtis 1000, click on the About/History tab.  There are also several copies of An American Adventure, a book written by a grandson of the founder, Henry “Harry” Curtis, on our 100th Anniversary in 1982.



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Rescue Mission Exceeds Campaign Donation Expectations


Shirley’s House of Hope is a mission that provides
emergency shelter and care for abused women and
children, and helps meet the physical, emotional,
social and spiritual needs of those who want to break
the cycle of abuse. The mission’s goal was to acquire
new donors through a direct mail campaign and
perhaps break even on this mailing with the idea of
cultivating those new donors in years to come. Their
house list consisted of 226 records.


Our first campaign was an acquisition year-end mailing
that dropped the first of November. The format was a
control package plus a premium package, which was a
Gift Labels product in a #10 display window. The
customer supplied their house list of 226 and the rest
were “cold” prospects. The database was divided
between gift labels and no premium for a total mailing
of 10,111 records, which were segmented by income


Of the 194 total gifts that resulted from the campaign,
156 were from the list of cold prospects and 38 were
from the from house list. The average gift on
Acquisition (first-time gift) was $56.35. The average
gift in Cultivation was $99.13.

At a nearly 2% cumulative response rate (1.6% on the
Acquisition and 17% on the Cultivation), and bringing
in donations that were almost twice the investment,
this campaign exceeded the mission’s expectations.
With the initial goal to acquire new donors and perhaps
break even on this mailing—cultivating those donors in
years to come—the results speak for themselves:
mission accomplished.

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Variable digital printing saves time, money and maintains corporate identity


Comcast is the largest provider of cable services in the nation—and one of the world’s leading communications companies. Known for their innovative programming, Comcast delivers digital services, fast internet, and broadband phone service.


The Comcast Atlanta Consumer Division had just started their “digital migration” program—converting customers from analog signal to digital signal. They were using a series of four mailings to accomplish this communication to their customers, doing each mailing weekly as a standalone. Comcast wanted to save time and money while maintaining consistency in their branding.


Curtis 1000 suggested converting from weekly standalone mailings to a shell program, incorporating offset printed shells and digital overprints for all the variable information changes from mailing to mailing.


The benefits realized for Comcast are as follows:

  1. The shell program maintains consistency in branding
  2. The streamlined process / digital automation saves time
  3. They are saving about 30% in overall costs compared with their previous vendor

They also have a partner that is flexible, easy to work with, and responds quickly, allowing Comcast to concentrate on their core competencies.

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