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Are You Meeting Your Fundraising Goals?

How Nonprofits Can Add New Donors
and Retain Current Ones

Despite these tough economic times, Americans still support organizations and causes that matter to them. So nonprofits that remain focused while adeptly fine-tuning their strategy can emerge stronger and more effective. They need to find ways to add new donors and retain every single one they already have to meet fundraising goals. We all know that the more engaged supporters become with a cause and organization, the more they can be counted on for their continued support.

Nonprofits can increase engagement by making it convenient for their donors to donate online or through a mobile device—providing tools that ignite excitement and commitment to furthering the cause, and empowering donors to connect with others who share their enthusiasm.

Dual channel donors (those who give both offline and online) are the most valuable to nonprofit organizations, so those who offer multiple channels are more likely to survive economic hard times with better retention, higher revenue per donor, higher levels of engagement, etc.

A great start for any nonprofit is to put the building blocks for effective multi-channel fundraising in place:

  • Mobile-optimized  and Web donation pages
  • Personalized landing pages (also known as PURLs) for campaigns, event registrations, and updating contact and interest information
  • Social-media sharing
  • Video for greater impact

Utilizing PURLs instead of organization websites enables donors to be more informed and have faster access to pertinent details. PURLs provide an opportunity for engagement that is unmatched by organization websites, which have EVERYTHING, i.e., one can get lost.

Consider landing pages specific to campaign needs and even more specific to individual donors!  Give them everything need to know, laid out nicely for them on Web pages, with clear instructions on not only what they should do but how their involvement and contributions to the organization make a difference.  With the added bonus of survey questions or the ability to update contact information,

PURLs open up a dialogue between the organization and donor, increasing data intelligence as well as engagement.

The impact of video in Web landing pages or sent out as links in eCards is unparalleled for resonating with donors. Video in communications is amazing, especially how it can get in touch with a donor’s personal passion for the cause. One idea is filming donors on WHY they care. Their powerful testimonials are impactful!  Donors can nail an organization’s case for support in a way the organization may never be able to do.

Ninety-five percent of donors say it feels good to give. Let them talk about it on camera. They will talk about the WHY — why the cause is so important, why it’s so urgent. Nonprofits can let their DONORS be their best advocates! Of course, putting the donors on camera does something else too: it cultivates them deeply. Paying attention to the donors, touching their hearts, and pulling out a powerful marketing tool and message can give a fundraising program a real boost.

Curtis 1000’s multi-channel solutions support our customers’ online, mobile and social networking needs. For further information on multi-channel engagement strategies for Nonprofits, including Education Institutions, please visit us HERE.

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Are you out in front? Are you sure?

The Edge:
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