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Customized Solution Unifies Decentralized Dealer Network

Toolkit enables promotion and cross-selling


A manufacturer of snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles, and all-terrain utility vehicles has turned again to their trusted partner of over a decade, Curtis 1000, for help replacing their fractured, decentralized program with a centralized, branded and structured process. 

The client identified certain
components of their extensive
line for sales growth: parts,
oil, garments, accessories
and services. Eighty
percent of these are sold at
the point of vehicle purchase
by a network of 1500 dealers
who sell multiple brands in
addition to the client’s. Curtis
is tasked with helping the client develop its Dealer to Consumer Direct Marketing Program and the eMarketing solution to support it.


Using its Response Element™ platform, Curtis 1000 is customizing this Web-based tool to meet the client’s
requirements for a co-op program that
empowers dealers and protects the
client’s brand. In an ongoing effort
Curtis and the client will develop
marketing messages that dealers can
access and order, control the timing
of, and distribute to their consumers
through a multi-channel approach.
This toolkit enables the dealers to
professionally promote and cross-sell
the client’s products and services to consumers while ensuring brand integrity.

Features Include:

  • Co-branding of client and dealer
  • Predesigned messages and templates
  • Personalization and customization on products, services, pricing, and timing
  • Targeting of message enabling dealer to pinpoint consumer needs and answer with specific messages
  • Multi-Channel delivery options including email, postcards, SMS messages, letters, memos or brochures
  • Training for dealers through a demo site and in person at the dealer conference
  • Client’s marketing co-op fund reimbursing the dealer 75% of expenses incurred using the new system


The client now supports their dealer network by centralizing marketing with a structured process that allows for the dealer’s variable information while protecting the overall brand and messaging. By sharing the cost of marketing, the client is focusing the dealers on lucrative products—parts, oil, garments, accessories and services—thus growing sales for the client and their network of 1500 dealers.

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