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Are you out in front? Are you sure?

The Edge:
State-of-the-Art Communications

Falling behind your competition in how you communicate
with your target audience can result in loss of market share.
Curtis 1000 gives you the edge by using state-of-the-art
technologies like Personalized Landing Pages, 2D barcodes,
CreatiFont™, eCards, social media and much more to create
new campaigns or enhance traditional email or print methods.
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Creatifont™ is a trademark of Curtis 1000 Inc.

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Communications Solutions that Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

Looking to drive up PROFITS and reduce COSTS?

Do you need cost-effective print procurement, production, and fulfillment solutions?

CurtisONE is Curtis 1000’s managed service provider approach that optimizes communications solutions that support business growth in conjunction with strategic sourcing goals—all designed to deliver financial benefit.

The CurtisONE solution will help you:
• Drive up profits
• Stay ahead of your competition
• Monitor performance for optimized results.

Along with reducing costs and improving your procurement process, CurtisONE will also pave the way for customer satisfaction.

Let Curtis 1000 save you 10-20% on your print spend.

How does it work?

We will assign a team of Curtis 1000 experts, led by a project manager familiar with your industry, draft a plan including strategy, scope, a communications plan, documentation, reports, success metrics and timelines.

These three components form the framework of CurtisONE:
• Pre-Purchase Communications (how you secure, manage and convert leads)
• Post-Purchase Communications (how you maintain relationships with current customers)
• Print Management (how consistent and optimized your business communications processes are)

Click here for our latest CurtisONE case study.

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Case Study: How to Keep Customers Engaged

How are you going to keep your customers engaged?

Are you reaching customers on every channel?

Social, Mobile, Web and Print?

It’s time to take your communications to the next level, beyond the generic approach. Curtis 1000 is here to build multi-channel direct marketing campaigns for you, using combinations of print and eMarketing solutions that engage your target audience and deliver results in every medium:

Mobile, Social, QR, Web, Text, PURLs, Print

Let us construct a creative concept, a personalized one-to-one multi-channel direct marketing campaign, and analysis of campaign results.

Are you ready to take the next step with Multi-Channel Marketing?

Curtis 1000 has developed a number of communication methods that will effectively engage your target audience, as well as continue to follow up until there is a response to your call-to-action.

With state-of-the-art technologies we will provide you with the tools needed to create a customized campaign that will deliver the results you are looking for.

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

Multi-Channel Direct Marketing Solutions

• Personalized landing pages
• Web design
• eCards
• Text messaging
• Social share
• 2D barcodes
• Digital flip books
• Personalized, 1:1 direct mail & integrated print
• Custom programming
• Creative solutions & marketing strategy
• Data services & modeling

Click here for our latest case study on Multi-Channel Marketing.

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A plan that resulted in extraordinary cost savings

Curtis 1000 Helps Insurance Company Achieve Extraordinary Cost Reductions


Our client is one of the largest providers of health plans in the state of Minnesota. They provide health care coverage to 2.9 million people in Minnesota and throughout the United States.


This client operated two plant print shops and a 30,000-square-foot warehouse. One print shop was devoted to graphic print and the other to transactional print (compliance-mandated communications such as Explanation of Benefits). The warehouse was a fulfillment and kitting operation supporting customers, employees and 3,500 sales agents. The three operations employed 60 individuals.

The client’s executive team wanted to accomplish two primary objectives: reduce print and fulfillment costs and reach their customers more effectively. They wanted to enhance the quantity and quality of communications with their customers. They engaged Taylor Corporation, Curtis 1000’s parent company, to conduct a study of their current print and marketing operations in order to make recommendations relative to these goals.


Taylor put together a senior team of subject matter experts covering Marketing, Operations, Finance, IT and Research & Development. A robust due diligence effort was undertaken with a comprehensive final report written after six weeks of exhaustive study. The report recommended closing both print shops and the warehouse, which would result in extraordinary cost reductions. The report also recommended using these savings to create very specific marketing programs that would enhance quality and touch points with the client’s customers.


These recommendations were approved by the client’s executive team and are now being successfully implemented at Curtis 1000’s Hugo, Minnesota, location.

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