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Here’s a great infographic containing everything you need to know about Thanksgiving – happy reading!

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Are You Interested in Saving Ho – Ho – Hundreds of Dollars?

Perhaps your answer is, “No kidding. Don’t even get me started.”

Then let’s talk about how you can save money while sending outstanding, tech-driven Holiday eCards that will engage your customers.  Yes, the planning season for eGreetings has begun, and we would like to count down the top 5 reasons our customers choose Curtis 1000’s Holiday eCard greetings:

Reason Number 5  eCard_Reindeer

They can track results through measurable metrics, such as who opened the eCard, did they pass it on to someone else, and did it drive traffic to their Website?

Reason Number 4

They can reinforce their brand and build the customer relationship.

Reason Number 3

Time savings – it’s so much easier to click than order cards, pass them around the office to sign, seal, stamp and mail.

Reason Number 2

Because they want to upstage their competition.  They want to send a holiday message that is engaging, memorable and, yes, even entertaining.  They’re all about building that relationship, and if they can make their competition look less tech-savvy by sending an eGreeting, then that just about makes it perfect.  And it’s a green alternative to printed cards—never hurts to hug that tree.

Reason Number 1 ecard 2

Show them the money.  As our customers’ databases grow, the cost savings of a Holiday eCard automatically grows too:

Take a randomly selected printed card, say, 1,000 @ $169.00/hundred = $1,690 + 1,000 stamps @ 44cents each is $440 for a total of:  $2,130 (plus the time drain mentioned earlier)

Now take a Curtis 1000 Holiday eCard with images @ $750 (customer gives us a staff photo and local recognizable holiday images to amp up the personal touch) plus email setup of $750 and a send charge of $.025/email address to 1,000 customers for a total of:  $1,525

Like we’ve said, ho-ho-hundreds of dollars in savings.

Please visit our website at to view our Holiday eCard collection and the three new-for-2011 designs:  July 4th, Curious Reindeer and Snowtown Santa.  Even more new designs are on the way. Then please contact us for more information. We would love to help you with these fun greetings that all of your customers will be talking about!

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