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Increase Convention, Conference and Trade Show Traffic

Multi-Channel Campaign Brings

Double-Digit Results for


The American Traffic Safety
Services Association (ATSSA)
is an international trade
association representing more
than 1,600 member companies
and  individuals in the traffic control and roadway safety industry. Each year, ATSSA hosts a Convention & Traffic Expo for its members, public officials, and friends of the industry. The 40th anniversary of the event would take place in San Antonio, Texas. ATSSA wanted to build excitement and awareness to increase pre-show registrations.


Curtis 1000 created and implemented a multi-touch campaign to ATSSA’s house
database of members, public
officials, and friends. Throughout
all of the touch points,
Curtis 1000 managed ATSSA’s
database and removed records
from future contact points as
recipients registered for the show.


The email campaigns deployed
for ATSSA’s 2010 Convention
& Traffic

Expo drove very strong open

  • Save-the-date email with
    video: 25.32% open rate,
    including the follow up email.
  •  Save-the-date PURL: 26.68%
    of the recipients who opened
    the email visited and, of
    those who visited, 21%
    clicked through to the
    thank-you page.
  • Pre-convention brochure email: 17.99% open rate on the first send and 5.99% open rate on the follow-up. Of the recipients who opened the first email, 16.01% clicked to open the eBrochure. The follow-up email brought in another 13.56%.
  • Workshop brochure email:
    34.46% open rate on the
    first send and a 14.61%
    open rate on the follow-up.
    Of those who opened the
    email, 7.01% clicked to the
    PURL; 70.9% of those who
    clicked the PURL link stayed
    through to the thank-you
    page, and 11.5% clicked
    the workshop information
    link on the PURL.
  • When asked about this
    experience, Melanie McKee,
    ATSSA’s Director of
    Meetings and Conventions,
    replied: “This campaign
    reminded me of why ATSSA has a long history with Curtis 1000—great ideas with the data to back them up! We were able to assess the results of each element of the campaign and develop a new plan for the coming year that targets the best of the best.”

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Internal processes improved – mess and confusion eliminated


The mission of Goodwill Industries of New Mexico is to provide skill development, work opportunities, and career-building services to people with barriers to employment. They provide assessment, training, and/or referral services to New Mexicans and place them in competitive, community employment.


The Goodwill Operations Manager related problems that her stores were experiencing with their current merchandise labels. The handheld guns they used to print and apply the labels were messy, and the labels they produced after about 200 labels were difficult to read. The employees using the price guns were not happy with the mess and the customers were tired of asking, “Does this say 99 cents or $1.99?” Fifteen current price point labels ($.99, $1.99, $2.99, etc.) were identified as the challenge.


Curtis 1000 determined that the readability issues could be eliminated by moving Goodwill to preprinted labels.  Although Goodwill’s problem would be much improved with preprinted labels—there would be less mess, the labels would be readable and could be applied in half the time—there was another issue. The employees used colored markers each week to track how long merchandise has been in the store, adding a different color stripe to the label for each week it remains unsold. After several weeks, the items are put on clearance—but hand marking each tag was taking too much time. Curtis 1000’s solution: preprinted color-coded labels.


The preprinted blue, red, yellow and pink labels eliminated the need for hand marking and several hours per day were gained by Goodwill Industries. Mess and customer confusion over prices were also eliminated. The Operations Manager commented that Curtis 1000’s consultative approach to their business and extra level of service, inventory options and, above all, our ability to improve their internal processes won the day and the business.

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