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Database Key to Engage Growing Target Audience

Iowa State Savings Bank – Creston, IA

The Challenge

Iowa State Savings Bank (ISSB) is an employee-owned, full-service bank headquartered in Creston, Iowa, with branches in Corning, Diagonal and Lenox. ISSB enthusiastically serves the personal and business banking needs of south central Iowa.

Their motto is: Be fair. Earn respect. Have fun. Make things better.

An innovative bank, ISSB was looking for a fresh way to stand out in their marketplace. Further, they were seeking to enhance their image by capturing the attention of a wider, tech-savvy customer base while sending their holiday greetings.


With the tech-savvy audience in mind, Curtis 1000 Sales Consultant Scott Edwards recommended the bank send a Holiday eGreeting rather than traditional printed cards. While seeing the time-saving value of the idea and the potential cost savings, ISSB had only 400 email addresses in their database and postponed considering a holiday eCard until the following year. The bank related that it was their goal to convert customers from printed-and-mailed statements to eStatements. This would result in a larger and very accurate database that could be utilized for Holiday eGreetings.

Once the eStatement database was achieved, the ISSB team reviewed all of the Holiday eCards on the Curtis 1000 website and chose “Happy Greetings.” A Discovery Call was held with Scott and the Curtis 1000 eBusiness Project Manager to discuss the subject line, logo, drop date, link to home page and other options. With key decisions made, the Iowa State Savings Bank Holiday eCard was prepared to drop to nearly 1,500 bank customers—a firm step in the direction of engaging their targeted and growing audience who preferred eCommunications.


Five hundred ISSB customers, or 33.7%, opened their eGreeting, and many took the time to email their bank, thanking them for the great Holiday eCard.

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