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Elmaro Vineyard Finds One Resource for Labels, Marketing Needs

Client Profile
At Elmaro Vineyard—founded upon an interest in growing
grapes, love of wine and of course, family—the focus is on
producing the best wines possible while providing an
unmatched setting in which to enjoy them. This Wisconsin
vineyard was homesteaded in the 1850s, around the same
time the white pine that appears on each of their wine labels
was planted.

Since the founding of Elmaro Vineyard in 2006, growth has
been steady, resulting from retail sales efforts to 35 accounts.
Early this year, the owners turned their attention to on-site
sales with the grand opening of their tasting room and retail
store located on their charming Wisconsin winery property.

Their wine labels, viewed as a significant opportunity to
market their image, were being purchased from a New York company that had been suggested by an equipment supplier. Concern was expressed with the durability of the labels. They scratched easily, marring the visual impact of their wine’s presentation.

The Curtis 1000 Business Solutions Consultant  explained how he could not only address their label issue, but also help them market their winery to their expanding group of customers.  Conferencing with the Curtis 1000 Label Division to discuss options, he offered a scratch-resistant overall matte varnish to add to the label’s durability. We also highlighted the label’s white pine tree by adding a spot gloss varnish to add dimension and enhance shelf appeal.  On-site testing was completed to confirm compatibility with Elmaro’s labeling equipment.

Elmaro Vineyards is firmly in expansion mode as their
sales continue to grow.  They are busy scheduling events
that include chef-prepared food and wine gatherings,
local artist meet-and-greet events, and traditional tastings.
They are also experiencing the benefits of local support
from Curtis 1000, a full service marketing company that is
well equipped to partner with Elmaro in the careful
selection of items for their retail store such as logoed wine
bags, wine glasses, clothing and more.  Future collaboration
will include discussions around the design and production
of additional marketing tools such as direct mail, brochures
and posters.

Client Feedback
Lynita Docken, Elmaro Vineyard, summed up her
customer experience this way: “Curtis 1000 has gone
above and beyond to improve the roll-type wine labels for use in our mobile bottling line. Throughout the process of improving the labels my Sales Consultant was thoughtful, conscientious and kept a positive ‘can do’ attitude!”

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