Don’t Throw Away the Meat: Learning to Communicate with Millennials


By Shannon I. Andrews

Senior Marketing Coordinator, Curtis 1000 Inc.

One day a husband was watching his wife prepare dinner for the family. During his observation, he noticed that she cut off a portion of the pot roast and threw it in the trash can. “Why did you do that?” asked the husband. “Because that’s how my mom did it,” she explained. The husband investigated further by contacting various other family members until he discovered that it was originally done because the pans used to be too small.

Though this story may seem a bit far-fetched, this scenario occurs on a regular basis. When we do anything with the mindset of, “That’s the way it has always been done,” we are throwing away that big chunk of meat. This way of thinking can be disastrous in the workplace, especially in terms of communication, because we are missing out on opportunities that can benefit the organization. Any grade school English teacher will agree that before writing anything, the author must know their audience. The way we write to capture the attention of one group of individuals is different from the way we would for another.

In today’s workforce, the Millennial generation is dominating nearly 50% of all career fields worldwide with 38% of them being women. This group of individuals, born between 1981 and 1997, are often perceived as the tech-savvy, world-owes-me-something generation. However, Millennials want to know that the people they come in contact with have their best interests at heart, value their opinion, do not look down on them, and want more than just their business, but an actual relationship.

  • Millennials’ preferred method of communication ranks from texting (being the most preferred), then email, social media, face-to-face, and phone calls (least preferred).
  • Information has to be straightforward and highlight how it will benefit them or the goals they are attempting to accomplish. In addition, they desire feedback that is joined with guidance as to how to improve their performance.
  • Millennials have a willingness to learn, are flexible with multi-tasking, view their job as more than a paycheck but an extension of who they are, and are untethered to “adult” responsibilities leaving them with the ability to travel, work flexible hours, and relocate with minimal notice.
  • About 75% of Millennial women believe that men are still favored more in the workplace and that there is a need for change to achieve gender equality so being made to feel like an equal is important.

In the marketing arena, this means that engagement strategies alone are insufficient.

  • Detailed game plans for goals that are trying to be accomplished are helpful for this group.
  • They also desire options that showcase creativity and innovation.

“Millennials are not locked into limited, linear patterns of thinking about industry issues or challenges,” says Amy Lynch, co-author of The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation is Rocking the Workplace. “Young employees construct solutions the way the web works, using creative networks and associations.” Developing an entrepreneurial atmosphere that strays from group-think appeals to their desire to take greater risks, think outside the box, and break away from the traditional ways of doing things. Industry leaders need to tailor their ways of thinking to appeal to the Millennials.

As this group continues to assert itself in the workplace, it is important that we learn to adjust our forms of communication to connect with their needs and what is important to them. This does not mean that we completely discount the needs of one audience and only cater to the new audience. Our responsibility is to discover ways to bridge the gap when communicating to both audiences.

Both Baby Boomers and Millennials share a similar professional mindset. Think about it: some of the Baby Boomers raised the Millennials and instilled in them the values and work ethics that they possess today, shared Meghan Casserly in her Forbes article, Millennials and Baby Boomers: At Odds or Peas in a Pod. Boomers played a vital role in molding and shaping the way Millennials think and behave.

Both groups:

  • Are optimistic and believe that they can change the world
  • Value reliability and dependability in their relationships

Learning to communicate with Millennials is about personally making a decision to be open-minded and do what may feel uncomfortable. Pot roast is more expensive nowadays, and we cannot afford to waste it. By preparing it the way we did when pans were smaller, we miss out on an opportunity to enjoy a feast. Let’s change the way we did things in the past and work towards developing a deeper connect with the group that is shaping our future.



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And Your Earth Day Resolution Is _____?

Earth Day Poster

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Promotional Gift: Make an Impact with Your Target Audience


A shoe wallet is a great promotional idea for
fundraising or fitness fun runs, special events
and community events

The Director of Marketing at NorthSide Bank, a community bank with several locations just outside of Atlanta, had an interesting challenge. The bank would be a sponsor of the Wine & Chocolate Hybrid Half Marathon being held at a new, state-of-the-art sports venue. Being a sponsorship partner of the 5k and 10k runs would be
a great opportunity for NorthSide Bank to meet and mingle with a thousand potential business clients whose facilities will be located at the sports venue.

Gift bags would be provided for the runners, the majority of whom would be female. Gift ideas of lip balm, water bottles and t-shirts were all good, if very typical. The challenge was to find a clever and memorable promotional item and tie it to the running theme. The director wanted something practical, yet creative—something that would be appreciated by the runners and used again and again.

The director contacted her Curtis 1000 Sales Consultant who regularly supplied the bank with all of their traditional banking supplies along with many promotional items such as pens, hats and bags. After the more run-of-the-mill items were quickly reviewed and dismissed, one stood out: a shoe wallet. Compact with a zippered compartment, a shoe wallet is a handy place to slip in a key, cash or other small item. Velcro holds the wallet securely in place under the laces of running shoes. Pink was the color selected for female runners, along with a black version for male runners.

The idea was unique, memorable and fit the bank’s budget. NorthSide Bank was extremely pleased with their clever shoe-wallet promotion and expects rave reviews during the 5k and 10k events. The runners will love the practical gift for easily carrying a small valuable with them during this run and future runs. And the director
will succeed in her goal of promoting the bank’s name to a large, new market.

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Register Now to Get Your Wine Labels in Shape


Check out a great testimonial here:
Flag Hill Winery & Vineyard turns to Curtis 1000 to take the anxiety out of marketing and help make the product all they know it can be. “A partnership that sells wine…”

Learn about the 5-Second Test and how labels are the #1 motivator in new wine selection. Find out how a great label can move your wine from the shelf to the shopping cart!

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USPS Defers Full-Service IMb Implementation

From a United States Postal Service Industry Alert of December, 2013:

“ … [T]he Postal Service is delaying the Jan. 26, 2014 implementation of the Full-Service Intelligent Mail requirement for automation price discounts. Mailers who are not currently enrolled in full-service effective Jan. 26, 2014 will still be able to claim automation prices. To achieve the best pricing, however, mailers must continue meeting full-service requirements.

“Despite this delay, the Postal Service remains strongly committed to full-service adoption for all mailers. The value of full-service is well known and helps the mailing community to get the best value-added experience for its mail. The Postal Service will continue moving aggressively to achieve 100 percent visibility in the mail through full-service.

“We encourage mailers to contact their Mail Service providers and Software vendors to help transition to full-service to get the full-service discount prices ….”


No new implementation date has been cited. 


Curtis 1000 is a Mail Service provider who is assisting customers with their transition to full-service. Contact us at 1-877-287-8715,  

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Keep Your Postal Automation Discounts Safe

If you use direct mail, and currently enjoy automation discounts, you may need to take some steps by January 2014.

Mailers will need to register to claim discounted automation postal rates, according to upcoming United States Postal Service (USPS) regulation changes, scheduled to take place on January 26, 2014.

Postmaster General Patrick R. Donohoe’s April letter to the mailing industry contained these statements about the Intelligent Mail® barcode (IMb) and full-service requirements:

“Our intent is to create 100 percent visibility in the mailstream… I want to assure everyone that our full-service requirements will go into effect in January 2014. The benefits of full-service to the mailing industry compel us to meet this time line.”

As of today, plans for the Full-Service Intelligent Mail program provide mailers with the lowest automation discount prices, elimination of permit fees, and address correction for full-service mailpieces. But additional changes or requirements may be coming between now and January 2014.

Curtis 1000 is a full-service Mail Service Provider (MSP) who can walk you through all of the new regulations as they become approved. Our mail experts will coordinate with you on all requirements for all of your mailing needs, including the IMb and full-service option.

Please contact your local Curtis 1000 sales consultant, or call 1-877-287-8715 for a representative who can help you.

Intelligent Mail® is a registered trademark of the United States Postal Service.

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Make an Impact in Your Marketplace

A consumer makes a decision on a retail item in five seconds, on average, and the decision is often based on the label.  Will the consumer select your product?


Studies show that more than two-thirds of all retail buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, generally at a distance of three to six feet, with nearly half of consumers indicating that the appearance of the label is important to their purchasing decision.

With only five seconds to make an impression, how does your label help your product make it from the shelf to the shopping cart?

Equally important is the concept of testing and updating the impact of your brand in the marketplace.  How can you test the waters, refresh, rebrand or reposition your product without breaking the bank?

Curtis 1000’s digital label technology addresses all of these questions with solutions that help you:

Differentiate Your Brand

Add greater visual impact and enhanced shelf appeal to your products with full-color labels.

Get More for Your Marketing Dollars

Maintain multiple versions of your product labels and make simple changes as often as you like at minimal cost.

How?  We offer more options, such as technology-driven color accuracy and registration, plus foil, embossing and varnish selections.  And we offer them at lower costs with our state-of-the-art equipment that requires no expensive plates or films.

Ace the 5-second test with Curtis 1000’s digital label technology

Contact your Curtis 1000 label consultant today. Our label experts work with you through every step of the process, from creative concept to delivery, ensuring that the marketing message on your label resonates with your customers—instead of collecting dust on the shelf.



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