Promotional Gift: Make an Impact with Your Target Audience


A shoe wallet is a great promotional idea for
fundraising or fitness fun runs, special events
and community events

The Director of Marketing at NorthSide Bank, a community bank with several locations just outside of Atlanta, had an interesting challenge. The bank would be a sponsor of the Wine & Chocolate Hybrid Half Marathon being held at a new, state-of-the-art sports venue. Being a sponsorship partner of the 5k and 10k runs would be
a great opportunity for NorthSide Bank to meet and mingle with a thousand potential business clients whose facilities will be located at the sports venue.

Gift bags would be provided for the runners, the majority of whom would be female. Gift ideas of lip balm, water bottles and t-shirts were all good, if very typical. The challenge was to find a clever and memorable promotional item and tie it to the running theme. The director wanted something practical, yet creative—something that would be appreciated by the runners and used again and again.

The director contacted her Curtis 1000 Sales Consultant who regularly supplied the bank with all of their traditional banking supplies along with many promotional items such as pens, hats and bags. After the more run-of-the-mill items were quickly reviewed and dismissed, one stood out: a shoe wallet. Compact with a zippered compartment, a shoe wallet is a handy place to slip in a key, cash or other small item. Velcro holds the wallet securely in place under the laces of running shoes. Pink was the color selected for female runners, along with a black version for male runners.

The idea was unique, memorable and fit the bank’s budget. NorthSide Bank was extremely pleased with their clever shoe-wallet promotion and expects rave reviews during the 5k and 10k events. The runners will love the practical gift for easily carrying a small valuable with them during this run and future runs. And the director
will succeed in her goal of promoting the bank’s name to a large, new market.

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