Make an Impact in Your Marketplace

A consumer makes a decision on a retail item in five seconds, on average, and the decision is often based on the label.  Will the consumer select your product?


Studies show that more than two-thirds of all retail buying decisions are made at the point of purchase, generally at a distance of three to six feet, with nearly half of consumers indicating that the appearance of the label is important to their purchasing decision.

With only five seconds to make an impression, how does your label help your product make it from the shelf to the shopping cart?

Equally important is the concept of testing and updating the impact of your brand in the marketplace.  How can you test the waters, refresh, rebrand or reposition your product without breaking the bank?

Curtis 1000’s digital label technology addresses all of these questions with solutions that help you:

Differentiate Your Brand

Add greater visual impact and enhanced shelf appeal to your products with full-color labels.

Get More for Your Marketing Dollars

Maintain multiple versions of your product labels and make simple changes as often as you like at minimal cost.

How?  We offer more options, such as technology-driven color accuracy and registration, plus foil, embossing and varnish selections.  And we offer them at lower costs with our state-of-the-art equipment that requires no expensive plates or films.

Ace the 5-second test with Curtis 1000’s digital label technology

Contact your Curtis 1000 label consultant today. Our label experts work with you through every step of the process, from creative concept to delivery, ensuring that the marketing message on your label resonates with your customers—instead of collecting dust on the shelf.



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