Curtis Supervisor Kicks Up His Skirt to Support Breast Cancer Walk

“Well take a good look, laugh it up, savor every last moment, take pictures and video as this will be the first and last time you see me in a dress, make-up, wig, women shoes, stocking, and my toes painted pink (or any color for that matter…)”

This is how Curtis 1000 Customer Service Supervisor Rick Elliott opened his speech when he bravely dressed up as a woman last week to challenge co-workers and sales representatives to help him raise $700 for breast cancer.

“I was willing to do whatever it took to help the Curtis 1000 Can-Cans with their goal of raising $10,500 dollars, which directly goes to “It’s the Journey” organization in honor of all those who’ve lost or are still fighting their battle with breast cancer,” Rick said.

The Curtis “Can-Cans” are kicking up their heels again to prepare for the upcoming 2-Day Walk this weekend.

“It takes a real man to do this sort of thing,” said HR Generalist and Can-Can Team Captain Ruthi Rust. “We are very proud to have Rick’s unwavering support, not only for our team and “It’s the Journey” organization, but for all men and women who are battling breast cancer.”

11 Curtis 1000 employees and other supporters will walk 30 miles in just 2 days, beginning this Saturday the 6th at 6 a.m. and ending Sunday the 7th at noon in Atlanta, Georgia.

“I figured the least I could do was spend a few hours in a dress compared to all the time you have put into hitting the fundraising goal and to those of you who will be participating in the 2-day walk. What you have done is truly amazing as they raised $11,729.30,” Rick said. “What I can say is that I do have a new found respect for everything women go through to get ready for a night on the town.”

Do the 2!

This year marks the 10th Anniversary for “It’s the Journey’s” 2-day walk. The walk raises funds for breast cancer programs throughout the state.

The fight against breast cancer is not a single battle – it’s an ongoing struggle that is faced with courage and determination. “It’s the Journey.”


“Drag your thoughts away from your troubles – by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.” – Mark Twain

Visit the team’s official site and learn more about the event here. To learn more about Curtis 1000, visit their website.

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