Communications Solutions that Reduce Costs and Increase Profits

Looking to drive up PROFITS and reduce COSTS?

Do you need cost-effective print procurement, production, and fulfillment solutions?

CurtisONE is Curtis 1000’s managed service provider approach that optimizes communications solutions that support business growth in conjunction with strategic sourcing goals—all designed to deliver financial benefit.

The CurtisONE solution will help you:
• Drive up profits
• Stay ahead of your competition
• Monitor performance for optimized results.

Along with reducing costs and improving your procurement process, CurtisONE will also pave the way for customer satisfaction.

Let Curtis 1000 save you 10-20% on your print spend.

How does it work?

We will assign a team of Curtis 1000 experts, led by a project manager familiar with your industry, draft a plan including strategy, scope, a communications plan, documentation, reports, success metrics and timelines.

These three components form the framework of CurtisONE:
• Pre-Purchase Communications (how you secure, manage and convert leads)
• Post-Purchase Communications (how you maintain relationships with current customers)
• Print Management (how consistent and optimized your business communications processes are)

Click here for our latest CurtisONE case study.


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