The Right Label Partner Can Reduce Print and Process Management Costs


This client is a large producer of polymers and high-performance plastics. As we worked with the Purchasing
Manager on a label application,
he did choose another vendor.
He was impressed, however,
that we had not simply
provided a price on
duplicating the current label.
We had suggested a new
label structure that would
work as well but at a lower
price point.


Several months later, the
Superintendent of Material
Handling at the client’s
warehouse location was experiencing poor performance of his drum labels and asked if the Purchasing Manager knew of any label suppliers who could come in, analyze the situation and provide solutions that would fix the problems. Curtis 1000 was the name that came to mind.

We discovered that the current vendor was often late on shipments. In order not to be caught short, the Superintendent had to shut down his operation and perform a physical drum label inventory—only to find he needed a rush order. The Curtis 1000 team left the meeting with a comprehensive list of issues.


Our solution called for the labels to be run in increments of three-month supplies to be shipped and billed as needed. The issue of inventory would be resolved by implementing a bi-monthly schedule of visits where Curtis 1000 would take the responsibility of handling the physical inventory; there would be no more “stock outs.” We presented samples from related industries that illustrated the quality that could be expected. As a test run, Curtis 1000 would produce a one-month supply of the first label that was needed, let the client run it through their process, and scrutinize for problems. Then, if the client was satisfied, Curtis 1000 would produce, ship and invoice the balance of the run.


Curtis 1000 earned this custom drum label business by delivering a customer-focused business solution that saved the client time and money. The labels run without issue through the client’s equipment, greatly improving downtime, while the inventory ordering system keeps just the right amount of stock on the floor, eliminating expensive rush orders.


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