Rescue Mission Exceeds Campaign Donation Expectations


Shirley’s House of Hope is a mission that provides
emergency shelter and care for abused women and
children, and helps meet the physical, emotional,
social and spiritual needs of those who want to break
the cycle of abuse. The mission’s goal was to acquire
new donors through a direct mail campaign and
perhaps break even on this mailing with the idea of
cultivating those new donors in years to come. Their
house list consisted of 226 records.


Our first campaign was an acquisition year-end mailing
that dropped the first of November. The format was a
control package plus a premium package, which was a
Gift Labels product in a #10 display window. The
customer supplied their house list of 226 and the rest
were “cold” prospects. The database was divided
between gift labels and no premium for a total mailing
of 10,111 records, which were segmented by income


Of the 194 total gifts that resulted from the campaign,
156 were from the list of cold prospects and 38 were
from the from house list. The average gift on
Acquisition (first-time gift) was $56.35. The average
gift in Cultivation was $99.13.

At a nearly 2% cumulative response rate (1.6% on the
Acquisition and 17% on the Cultivation), and bringing
in donations that were almost twice the investment,
this campaign exceeded the mission’s expectations.
With the initial goal to acquire new donors and perhaps
break even on this mailing—cultivating those donors in
years to come—the results speak for themselves:
mission accomplished.


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