Garvin Heights Vineyards Works with Curtis 1000 to Solve Problems, Promote Growth with Labels


Garvin Heights Vineyards is a
picturesque winery nestled in the
scenic Upper Mississippi River Valley
in Winona, Minnesota. Since opening their doors in 2006, the owners of Garvin Heights have
carefully crafted their wine while working to establish their brand in the marketplace.
As sales increased for this growing winery, the process of printing their wine labels in-house
had become a challenge. Moisture from chilled wine bottles caused the ink on their labels to smear.
Further, as Garvin Heights explored expanding their line to retail environments, they wanted to
use their wine’s labels to establish competitive shelf appeal.


After carefully examining the current wine labels and labeling
process, the experts at Curtis 1000’s Label
Division offered a durable coating that would
protect the labels and make them moisture-
resistant. The owners chose a gloss
lamination, which not only provided an
excellent moisture barrier but also added
an appealing gloss finish to the label, an
upgrade from the flat label finish currently
employed. With the welcome  expansion of
Garvin Heights wines to restaurants
and liquor stores where their wine would
compete with other wines for consumer
attention, enhanced shelf appeal was
important. Understanding the need to stand
out in their new marketplace, foil
embellishments were suggested to highlight
portions of the current labels. The image of the winery itself in gold foil with an additional foil element to their winery name on each label would draw the consumer’s eye to the Garvin Heights wine when displayed in stores and restaurants.


As Garvin Heights Vineyards expands their vision to retail environments, their upgraded labels are
serving them well. Their hand-crafted wines are now in six stores and two restaurants.

Client Feedback

When the owners of Garvin Heights Vineyards were asked why they chose to partner with Curtis 1000,
they replied: “We choose to work with Curtis 1000 because of the local representative, who partnered
with us through the process of developing our first new label design and then using the created template
to enhance all our labels. We needed a more professional looking label for the retail market; our goal
was to keep our current design but to refresh the look. It was also key that the resulting labels would run
smoothly through our automated bottling process and attract customers.”

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