Manufacturer’s marketing staff gets needed resources and expertise


Our client is a large industrial tire manufacturer in a growth mode.


With global needs for their international
organization, the client was thinking
about switching vendors, from a small
print shop to a more secure printing
company with a solid position in the
market. The first order of business was
an online ordering site for their dealer
network that was easier to manage,
easy to use, accessible to all of their
dealers, and capable of tracking
inventory and shipped packages.


Of the three vendors that our client had in
mind to build their online ordering site,
they said Curtis 1000 was the most
responsive. Our software, services and
modifications were more flexible than the
competition’s. The value of our
CurtisDirect® solution for easy, online
proofing and ordering of their promotional and print-on-demand items was apparent. We built a site that rivals the top competitor’s sites with innovative solutions to handle unique consolidated-billing needs.


All 50+ users in the dealer network can
now go online, find their products, proof
them online and easily order them,
track the shipments, and take advantage
of real-time inventory management.
Gone is the labor- intensive managing and
tracking of the program. And the client didn’t have to hire additional resources. Enjoying increased efficiencies through our resources and processes, the marketing staff can do what they are supposed to do—focus on their core competencies and grow their business—instead of tracking orders, projects, and packages.

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