Add Resources and Expertise with a Single Supplier

Are you plagued by the high costs of managing your organization’s print processes, or worse, an inability to see the true costs?

Curtis 1000 can help you take control with consultants that provide objective, third-party analysis, then deliver comprehensive business solutions. We partner with you, providing our print knowledge
and expertise evaluating all aspects of your print processes including obsolete or excess inventory. Our consultants work with you to
reduce or even completely eliminate excessive inventory by leveraging our print-on-demand eSolutions or by allowing us to manage your inventory in one of our regional warehouses. Either solution can lower your operating expenses and working capital requirements.

Adding an experienced partner like Curtis 1000 to your team allows you to focus on core competencies and running your business. We become part of your planning and implementation conversations and work with you to brainstorm, execute ideas, and streamline your operations through our network of family companies, industry resources and proprietary platforms.


CurtisDirect™ is one of our proprietary platforms—a powerful, customer- specific, online print management tool that streamlines the ordering process and empowers you
to manage your printing and fulfillment needs effectively and easily. This platform brings printing efficiencies to your organization with 24/7 secure and easy online order entry, real-time online proofing, email confirmation of orders and comprehensive reporting, including multiple billing options and consolidated statements.

Administrative settings let you maintain control of a unique Web site, customized with your company logo and colors. It gives you the ability to set each user’s ordering capabilities and budgetary spending, assign user cost centers, or utilize an electronic order approval process. Inventory management is easy with detailed reporting and email notifications when action is required. Online reports can simply be viewed online or converted to Excel files.


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