Program keeps Celebrity Homes top-of-mind for prospects


Celebrity Homes is the largest new-home builder in the state of Nebraska. In their new-home communities, agents are staffed in model homes to show prospective home buyers the home options in the development.


Following a visit from a prospective home-buyer, agents key in name, address, email,  home preference and price point data into an excel spreadsheet. Celebrity Homes spends advertising dollars on TV, Radio and billboards to get prospects to the models. They wanted a solution that would allow this valuable data to be housed in one place and not lose touch with their prospective buyers.


Celebrity Homes utilized Curtis 1000 and its automated marketing program to get in control of their data and keep their prospective home buyers engaged. Our automated marketing program enables local users to easily implement a marketing campaign that delivers a series of contacts over a period of time.

Now with the new Curtis 1000 program implemented, each week agents in model homes enter the prospective buyer’s contact and interest information into the automated marketing program. From the same program, they then begin a nine-touch postcard mailing campaign. The postcards start with a “thank you for stopping by” message and then follow, at determined intervals, with reminder messages. Each of the postcards is personalized with the information specific to each prospective home buyer, such as price range, current home status, features they are looking for in a new home, and the agent they spoke to on their first visit—all information found in the program’s database. After entering the prospective buyer’s information and starting the campaign, the rest is hands-free for Celebrity Homes. Curtis 1000 pulls the data each week, prints and mails the appropriate communication piece—allowing Celebrity Homes and its agents to do what they do best.


With Curtis 1000’s automated marketing program, Celebrity Homes is able to keep their data in one central place, create one-to-one variable marketing communication pieces, and stay top-of-mind for prospective home buyers with a multi-touch campaign. In addition, their database of prospective home buyer’s continues to grow after two years. Although some prospective buyers may have gone through the initial communication cycle, Celebrity Homes is now working with Curtis 1000 to add more campaigns to their program and reactivate the data.

“This program has allowed Celebrity Homes to remain consistently in front of our prospects during their ‘decision’ and ‘fact finding’ stages. We have noticed a respectable enhancement of our conversion since this program was implemented. In our industry, it has also become a recruiting tool. Real Estate Sales Associates appreciate the ease of the system and the quality of the materials.”

Shawn McGuire, GRI, CRS, CSP

Sales Manager/Broker

Celebrity Homes


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