Redesigned website takes University to the next level

Better Website Takes California Coast

University “to the next level”


California Coast University (CCU) is a distance-learning institution, offering degree programs designed for students whose geographic, professional, or personal time commitments keep them from completing their education in traditional on campus programs. Being a non-traditional school with admitting and graduating on the needs and terms of the student, the Development Coordinator of the Admissions/Development Department expressed the need to better reach prospective students to share the benefits of CCU. Finding one company that could assist in all of their marketing efforts was also a priority. During the discovery phase, Curtis 1000 learned that CCU needed a fresh look to their website—one that was easy to manage inhouse. They felt their current website was cluttered and outdated. They also wanted to learn how to use their website more in their marketing  efforts.


California Coast University utilized Curtis 1000 to do a full redesign of their  website. The new site went live in October 2009. It was clean, engaging, and easy to navigate. The Curtis 1000 Web designer trained the CCU staff on how to update the website themselves through a content management system and templates. Plus, styling tips and best practices were passed along to keep their image and brand consistent.


Since the website project, Curtis 1000 continues to help California Coast University express their brand through the redesign of their new printed bulletin for prospective students and email campaigns to drive enrollment. Previously using an online email platform, CCU was restricted to templates and managing all aspects of the campaign. Curtis 1000 designed and implemented their email campaigns through the back half of the year to coordinate with the new website design and express a strong call-to-action.


When asked about this experience, Christi Okuma, Development Coordinator with California Coast University, replied: “Working with Curtis 1000 is always a positive experience. When something is asked of them they always deliver. The creative ideas proposed for the website were exactly what we wanted. We constantly receive compliments on our new site. Not only is it more user friendly, it also allows us to better track user traffic, and capture quality leads. Curtis 1000 definitely played a major role in getting CCU to the next level.”



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