Nonprofit Multi-Channel Campaign

Multi-Channel Campaign Helps Nonprofit

Organization Collect Data for Promotions


The Girl Scouts of North East Ohio serves nearly 40,000 girls in grades K-12 and 14,000 adult members in 18 Ohio counties. The organization wanted to collect as much data as possible about the young, active Girl Scouts and adult volunteers in their district to best plan events, camps, and activities—and the communications to promote them. Information they were seeking from the scouts and volunteers included updated contact information, email addresses, ethnicity, hobbies/interests, languages spoken, special needs, and the willingness to volunteer. They especially wanted to determine the Hispanic presence in their district and whether any volunteers were bilingual. Secondarily, they wanted to promote their new camp guide and Operation Sweet Support.


Curtis 1000 helped design and implement a two-component campaign to the district’s girl scouts and adult volunteers, consisting of an initial drop of 26,138 postcards with a PURL (personalized website). Each postcard encouraged the recipient, with an offer of a free tote, to visit their PURL to update their contact information and to give feedback. On the PURL, each recipient first saw a welcome page with a letter from the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio thanking them for visiting and expressing the survey objectives. The scout and adult volunteer in the household then proceeded to the survey. Each family member was able to complete an individual survey using the one PURL address. After completing the survey, recipients were taken to the thank-you page, where they had the options of downloading the new camp guide and donating to Operation Sweet Support. All responses to the survey could be associated by name and family.


This campaign launched in early March and was active until May 31, 2009. There was a great response to the campaign: 2,659 people visited the PURL (10% response) and 3,935 individuals completed the survey (15% completion rate). The completed survey rate is higher that the visit rate because multiple family members could each complete their own survey at the household PURL. Further analysis showed that, of the surveys completed, 44.3% were from adults and 55.7% from girls age 19 and younger. Another discovery was that 55.7% of respondents preferred email as the communication method, which could save the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio mailing costs in the future.


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